Hossam Riyad

Hossam Riyad

Regional Brand Manager & Digital Solutions, Africa, Middle East & Turkey

Hossam’s academic background is in Veterinary Medicine, he has 8+ years of experience in the pharmaceutical Industry where he has worked in both local and high profile multinational companies such as Novartis and Pfizer.
Hossam has a knack for creativity, a capacity to read and predict trends and a strong ability to adapt, which helps the business thrive in news ways through innovative brand management. His key strengths include a strong understanding of the power of Digital marketing, that has helped increase our reach to a more targeted audience in cost effective and measurable means, as well as increasing our brand equity and loyalty that has been driving increased online sales

Hossam is responsible for executing and adapting the brand strategy across our product portfolio including; style guides, brand guidelines, vision, value proposition, positioning, launches and more

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