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Good Distribution Practice (GDP)

The objective of the GDP guidelines issued by the World Health Organization (WHO) is to assist in ensuring the quality and identity of pharmaceutical products during all aspects of the distribution process.
To comply with the GDP regulations and to mitigate risks for threatening public health and safety, pharmaceutical companies enforce the compliance with strict temperature control solutions along the process.


Transportation is an important activity in the integrated supply-chain management of pharmaceutical products. The selection of a reliable logistics forwarder specialized in providing solutions designed for the pharmaceutical industry is key.
At Lavasta Pharma we do not compromise the quality of our products therefore we partner with logistics providers that provide configurable service levels, monitoring, visibility, traceability, dedicated personnel and facilities and risk management around the clock.


Pharmaceutical companies struggle against counterfeit drugs that are flourishing not only online but even in pharmacies and hospitals. These drugs endanger public health as well as the manufacturers reputation.
To protect our products against counterfeiting and parallel import we have developed several measures. These include complying with the pack serialization requirements set out by the various markets, standardizing prices across the region, close monitoring of sales and forecasts with the appointed distributors and have established internal Standard Operating Procedures to report such cases.
Moreover, we embrace close collaboration and cooperation with our internal stakeholders, the governmental authorities, health professionals and the consumers to combat counterfeiting.
Storage of Goods

Storage of Goods

Prior to selecting local distributors for the distribution of our products we carry out physical audit by experts to ensure storage of goods at the distributor premises is in line in all circumstances with the Good storage practices (GSP).
Storage and handling conditions comply with applicable local regulations and the storage conditions are complying with the recommendation of the manufacturer.
The transportation of the products out of the distributor premises is done in temperature controlled trucks.

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